Frequently Asked Questions
If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Q: I'm a good person, but do I have what it takes to have eternal life?
A: We're so glad you asked! Are you good enough? Click here to find out!

Q: How much does Memorize His Word cost?
A: Memorize His Word is now completely free. And there are still no advertisments.
     After several years of development and support through software sales,
     we are now able to make both editions free. Enjoy!

Q: Will Memorize His Word work with my Mac?
A: The Online Edition of MHW will run great on your Mac!
     However, Memorize His Word - Home Edition only runs on Windows. If you run Windows
     in a virtual PC environment on your Mac, you can run the Home Edition on your Mac.

Q: How do I add the Memorize His Word "App" to my iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?
A: First, sign in to the Online Edition from your mobile device at
     Then touch the arrow icon on the menu bar in Safari. Select "Add to Home Screen". Touch "Add".
     Now you have an icon on your Home Screen to MHW, just like any other iPhone App!

Q: How do I add a Shortcut Icon for the Online Edition to my Desktop?
A: First, sign in to the Online Edition (
     Now you will see a little icon just to the left of the web address in your browser.
     Simply drag that little icon onto your desktop. That's all!

Q: When I start Memorize His Word (Home Edition) it looks all jumbled up. What's wrong?
A: There are two possible reasons for this.
     1) Your screen resolution is too small for MHW (It needs to be at least 1024 x 768).
          You can adjust your resolution within the Display settings in Control Panel.
     2) Your dpi setting may be too high. Go to Control Panel > Adjust Screen Resolution.
          Click “Make text and other items larger or smaller”. Set it to "Smaller" (default).

Q: Does Memorize His Word come with it's own list of verses?
A: Yes. Memorize His Word comes with a "library" of many great verses, organized by topic.
     You can choose to add any of these verses to your personal list at any time.
     However, you are not limited to the library verses. You can add any verse you want!

Q: How many passages of scripture can I add, and how long can they be?
A: With the Home Edition, there is no limit to the number of passages you can add.
     For the Online Edition, you can add up to 500 different
     passages and each passage can be up to 2500 words!

Q: If I don't review a verse on it's review date, do I miss it?
A: No, you will see it in the "Review" list until you review it.
     It is then re-scheduled from the day you reviewed it.